Water nozzle TurboSupon



Water nozzle TurboSupon

Water nozzle TurboSupon

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Foam attachment

for TurboSupon nozzle

Fire nozzle TURBOSUPON equipped with ball valve is used for making full and spray water jets with fluent control of the solid angle of the spray water jets to 110º. Flow rate of fire nozzle can be regulated in the range 100-500 l/min. It is equipped with swivelling adapter.

Foam attachment for fire nozzle TURBOSUPON is destinated for create heavy foam.

  • TurboSupon
  • Throw and height distance
  • Foam attachment
SizeID numberFlow rate [l/min]Lenght [mm]Width [mm]Height [mm]Weight [kg]
Throw distance
Full jet [m]
Throw distance
Spray jet [m]
Throw height
Full jet [m]
Throw width
Spray jet [m]
Maximal spray angle
Lenght [mm]Width [mm]Height [mm]Weight [kg]

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