Suction strainers



Suction strainer

The suction strainer makes an initial element of the suction line and prevents suction pumps from entering of large impurities. It is equipped with the non-return valve and the lug for fasten a float.
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SizeID numberInletHeight [mm]Width [mm]Depth [mm]Weight [kg]Remarks
4502051100000G 2 A1451301300,900DIN 14362
450205100000052/C1551301301,000DIN 14362
6502052100000G 2½ A1901841842,300DIN 14362
650205200000075/B2081841842,300DIN 14362
10002053100000G 4 A2452332334,650PN-86/M-51152
10002053200000G 4½ A2452332334,650PN-86/M-51152
15002054100000G 6 A37031631610,500
1500105400000015038531631612,3503 lugs

NIP: 542-020-23-45

REGON: 000511433

KRS: 0000301100

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