Medium foam nozzles



Medium foam nozzles

The foam nozzle serves to make medium foam with protein or syntetic foam liquids. The nozzle could be equipped with ball valve. Outlet pipe is stainless steel with handle in rubber.

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SizeID numberInletFlow rate [l/min]Lenght [mm]Width [mm]Height [mm]Weight [kg]Remarks
M 2 (WP 2)0202210000052/C2004102352053,500without valve
M 2 (WP 2)0202200000052/C2005452502054,300DIN 14 366
M 4 (WP 4)0202400000052/C4005003052704,500without valve
M 4 (WP 4)0202410000052/C4006303052705,500

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