Foam chamber



Foam chamber

Foam chamber

Foam chambers are elements of fixed fire-extinguishing foam systems – for heavy foam. These systems are used for fire fighting in tanks with flammable media (I and II risk class). Foam chambers are used in tanks with solid roof. The task of foam chamber is to isolate foam system piping and the atmosphere against fumes of medium stored in the tank. Isolation provides a vapour seal – made of teflon foil or glass plate. After the system is turned on, the foam destroys the membrane and fills the tank. Foam chamber connects with installation using standard flanges according to PN EN 1092-1:2007

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Technical data:
– Foam chamber: steel.
– Flanges: steel.
– Fuse: teflon or glass.
Maximal working pressure – 0,55 MPa.
Fuse bursting pressure –0,011 ÷ 0,025 MPa.
Finishing: hot galvanising or painting.
Customised: stainless steel.

Chamber typeID numberDimension A
Dimension A
Dimension B
Dimension B
Dimension C
Dimension D
Diameter E
Dimension H
GP 4000401200000080161251623026032452045
GP 8000401300000080161501622027532455549
GP 1200/160004014000000100162501629036040671096

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