Dividers with ball valves



Divider with ball valves

The dividers are designed to divide the flow of water from mainhose line into two or three lines. The outlets of this unit are equipped with separate ball valves.

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InletID numberOutletLenght [mm]Width [mm]Height [mm]Weight [kg]
52/C020440000002 x 25/D + 52/C2252601602,100
75/B020410000002 x 52/C2352151883,050
75/B020412000002 x 75/B3002862453,400
75/B PN020430000002 X 52/C + 75/B3283322255,300
2 x 75/B020436000002 X 52/C + 75/B3703602107,000
2 x G2½A020434000002XG2A + G2½A3602802105,500
110/A02042000002 x 75/B3102862656,000

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