How to prolong the life of the water nozzle?

4 October 2017

Nozzles are the first line of defense during firefighting and are one of the most important elements of a fire system. Their high cost and extreme usage conditions are the main reasons why frequent inspections, proper maintenance and protection should become a habit of the user.

Foams, saltwater and fresh water may occasionally contain gravel, rocks or other contaminants, so it is important to rinse the nozzle after each use. Some models, such as the Turbo Jet 2011, have a quick flush function, thus avoiding the need of opening the nozzle. Failure to do so may cause clogging or corrosion of the nozzle and in consequent negatively affect the expected flow. Carry out inspections and periodic testing at least once a year.

Inspection Steps:

  1. Always check the nozzle for excessive wear or missing / loose / damaged parts.

  2. If the head is loose, it should be tightened.

  3. Check for leaks.

  4. Nozzle holders should be undamaged.

  5. I case of bend, broken or lacking of teeth – replace the element.

  6. Perform a flow test to ensure the nominal flow.

  7. Some nozzles may have the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance procedure specific to the product.

If you are not sure if the nozzle works properly, have her inspected by an authorized service.

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